Drawer Overview

For those looking for the ultimate in storage solutions, a drawer system can be added to the SS1. Drawers allow for quick, convenient access to all your gear, while keeping everything organized and safely tucked out of view. The drawers offered on the SS1 are constructed from 1/2 inch baltic birch plywood with dovetail joints and full extension ball bearing slides. The slides are the heart of the system, and allow for incredibly smooth opening and closing with a full load. They lock closed and open, creating a secure, convenient way to store and access your gear.


Ball Bearing Slides

The drawers are mounted on full extension, ball bearing locking slides. The ball bearing style of slide is critical for smooth operation. These drawers are meant to be loaded with gear, and the weight can quickly pile up. Even under full load, the drawers will open and close smoothly, with “one finger’ worth of effort.

The slides are also full extension. This is critical to ensuring that full access to all of your gear is always available. All of the drawer is accessible with no awkward reach to get to the back of the drawer.

The locking mechanism allows for the drawer to be securely locked shut during storage, and locked open when accessing your gear.


Dovetail Joints

For the ultimate in strength and full utilization of the available space, dovetail joints are used to join all the pieces together. This technique has been used for centuries to create tight, strong joints that do not require glue or hardware. This creates a highly refined, finished look that will last the lifetime of the drawer without loosening or requiring maintenance.


Full Extension, Full Access

The use of full extension slides and dovetail joints allows full access to every square inch of drawer space, providing quick access to all your gear.