Product Details

Air Down Gear Up specializes in reasonably-priced storage and sleeping solutions for full-sized SUVs.  Our current product offering includes the SS1. View below for more specific details.


About the SS1

  • Made for the 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser (1998-2007)
  • Quick, easy fold out area for sleeping
  • Storage space for gear
  • Perfect fit for camping, hiking, ski trips, 4x4 trips, festival camping and much more!
  • keep valuables stored safely out of sight under the platform

Cargo Tie Downs

  • Secure gear safely on top of platform
  • Rattle free

About the Sleeping and Storage Areas

  • Folds out to a six-foot long sleeping area

  • Plenty of room to comfortably sleep two people
  • No tools necessary to deploy sleeping platform
  • Easy install with one person
  • Gear is safely stored under the platform, allowing you to sleep in the vehicle without having to unpack and store items outside the vehicle 

Recessed hardware

  • All hardware is recessed to create a flush surface
  • Prevents damage to items stored on platform, with no sharp edges
  • Great for delicate gear such as sleeping bags, sleeping pads, etc. 

Stainless Steel Anchors

  • Attaches platform to vehicle with a secure, mechanical connection
  • Absolutely zero movement of platform relative to vehicle
  •  Carefully designed anchor attachment points allow precise positioning of platform front-back and side-side
  • Locking nuts on turnbuckles prevent loosening, great for all applications especially when used off road